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That's René. He runs workshops, interviews facilitators and hosts this community of change makers.

Facilitation is now more important than ever.

Organisations, teams, and individuals can thrive based on their abilities to navigate through constantly evolving environments. Digital disruptions, global pandemics, environmental issues, social inequalities, and shifting economic structures, have added unknown complexities to this navigation process.

Meaningful collaborations of knowledge, skills, opinions and expertise are now needed more than ever to address complex challenges. However, mastering the art of effective collaborations is challenging to maintain due to evolution in our workplace practices. More work is now done in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams, thereby increasing the diversity of perspectives, knowledge, personalities and cultures.

The ability to bring together these diverse perspectives, foster effective collaborations, support meaningful dialogues, and to enable group-leadership, is an important skill for the future. Therefore, we believe that nurturing and developing facilitation skills is key to building collaborations both from professional and personal development standpoints.

Our belief that everyone can develop facilitation skills without the need to be a subject matter hero, has led to the birth of our Facilitator School. This is where we collaboratively learn the skills needed to guide teams and enable change-makers.

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